These heavy-duty, reusable 95kPa-rated canisters are ideal secondary packaging for Biological Substance shipping. Sturdy canisters made of high-density polyethylene feature a tight o-ring seal to secure any specimen leakage should your primary container fail. Four convenient sizes give you the versatility to use only as much space as you need for your specimen shipments. All canisters are 11mm in diameter.

Canisters comply with DOT and IATA regulations as a secondary container for the transport of blood tubes, urine vials, and other Biological Substances. For International transport of specimens, these canisters can be used with primary containers, absorbent material and a rigid outer container (typically a box) to conform to IATA Packing Instruction 650 for Biological Substances, Category A/  B.

The canister is thick walled and durable,holds up to 12-20 tubes (depending on the volume of tubes being transported) and features an o-ring gasket that creates a tight seal for watertight transport. The construction of this canister is ideal for harsh transport conditions including dry ice shipments of frozen Biological Specimens inside insulated coolers.Replacement o-rings are available separately for refurbishing.

We also could supply customized canisters for you.

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