PCM Ice Pack


Phase Change Material (PCM) Ice Pack products provide precise temperature control for thermal packaging solutions. These Phase Change Material products store thermal energy as latent heat to provide temperature control for long durations during shipping and storage of biological, pharmaceutical, medicinal, and life science products. 

How does PCM control temperature?  

PCM stores thermal energy as a combination of sensible and latent heat. During the process of phase change between solid to liquid or liquid to solid, thermal energy is absorbed or released. The temperature at phase change remains constant. This phenomenon provides Phase Change Materials the unique capability to control the temperature at its phase change temperature. The duration of temperature control is directly dependent on the volumetric latent heat.

What are the typical applications of PCM in temperature-controlled packaging? 

Frozen below -25°C

Frozen below -10°C

Freeze Protection above 0°C

Refrigerated +2 to +8°C

Freeze Protection above +18°C 

Incubation at body temperature +37°C 

What are the benefits of using  PCM? 

Environment-friendly phase change material

It is an all year round product

High thermal energy storage capacity


It will significantly lower shipping cost

It offers a safe and reusable alternative for dry ice

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