Vaccine Carrier


Vaccine carriers / vaccine cold box and coolant packs are used for keeping vaccines cold during transportation. 

Suitable for use by health workers during immunization campaigns and out-reach services. As these are passive devices, coolant packs are used as accessories for both cold boxes and vaccine carriers to provide the cooling capacity for a limited time period. Coolant packs are put into the boxes/carriers packed with the vaccine vials, in accordance with the instructions provided with the product (drawings inside the cover of the box/carrier). All vaccine carriers and cold boxes are supplied with one set of coolant pack required as standard.

Temperature Stability: The vaccine carriers and cold boxes are tested for temperature stability at ambient temperatures of 43°C and -20°C in WHO-accredited laboratories to ensure that at field conditions the equipment will perform optimally. The frequency and duration of door openings will raise the internal temperature of the boxes and will shorten the Cold life and Cool life.

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