Medical Cooler Box



Cooler box, specially designed to hold temperatures within essential safe  temperature limits without electricity during transport or use for: Vaccines,Insulin,Biopharmaceutical, Life Science and other Medical Products, biological specimens,Selected fresh food, drink and dairy products .


①Made of PP,first grade material,non-toxic harmless,anti UV,and not fade.

②Foaming by CFC-free PU(Polyurethane),without any chemical material, can protect the environment.

③Fixed ice pack make partition storage space.It’s more convenient for operation.

④You can carry it by the handle on the lid,also you can carry it on the shoulders by the belt.

⑤With the good performance of sealing ring,it can keep the cold life more efficiency.

3. Reliability:

The manufacturer has passed ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001 system certifications.

The coolant material have got MSDS.

The cooler box and coolant material have food-grade report.

The coolant material have certified by CNAS,DGM for transportation.

The cold chain product have CE certification.

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