Insulated Pallet Container


Product Description

In order to solve the problem of high recycling cost and difficult recovery of some cold box,Phefon focused on the project of Detachable Insulated Pallet Shipper,finally developed a large capacity,easy to assemble,easy to remove folding and recycling Insulated pallet shipper.This product offers the ability to put your payload inside the oversized insulated shipping container on the pallet, we provide different temperature range solutions like -15~-25℃, 2~8℃, 15~25℃, maintains 72 to 144 hours temperature keeping.


1. Up to 144 hours of extreme temperature protection

2. 2-8C and CRT temperature ranges

3. Good insulation performance, longer service life, better molding

4. High strength compression resistance

5. Size can be customized

6. Maintains temperature range from 72 to 144 hours


Suitable for urban warehouse turnover, large volume, forklift operation, high space utilization, can effectively respond to peak orders

Customize Services:

1. Color: As requested.;

2. Logo: Engraving or Sticking

3.Type: label, display box, Oxford bag, ect.

4. More can be negotiated

Our services:

1. Quality guarantee, fully automatic lines 

2. Best prices, direct selling from our factory.

3. Professional staffs, and long-term cooperation with china famous colleges and institutes (CAS), to ensure our constant innovation and advanced technology.

4. Quick response and excellent service for clients.

5. Delivery on time.

6. Private city level laboratory, qualified to issue test report.

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