How To Choose A Medical Cold Chain Box For Blood Preservation?

June 13, 2022

Blood needs to be transported refrigerated, not frozen, to keep the cells in the blood alive in a low temperature environment.

Why does blood need to be refrigerated? How to refrigerate blood for preservation? What kind of blood cooler should I choose? We look at these three aspects.


1. Why should blood be refrigerated?

Basically, the modern refrigeration equipment used in blood banks, hospitals or disease control, medical enterprises, etc., are all very advanced, and blood refrigeration will not be polluted much, but many improper operation behaviors in the actual operation process will still occur. cause more or less bacterial contamination. The transfusion of contaminated blood into the user's body can lead to sepsis, a fatal effect.

Blood refrigeration not only requires a strict aseptic working environment and techniques, but also requires a closed and airtight isolation space during refrigeration. Store blood products in a low temperature environment of 4°C ± 2°C according to different requirements.

2. Why should blood be refrigerated? 

Refrigeration is to maintain the activity of cells. We have seen in many articles about vaccine refrigeration that the activity temperature of cells in vaccines is 2-8°C. The same cell activity in blood also needs to be maintained at the activity temperature. In normal temperature environment, usually blood If it is placed in an environment of >10°C for a long time, it will cause a large number of red blood cells to be destroyed, that is, the red blood cells will die. When the patient is transfused with this improperly stored blood, the symptoms of hemolysis will occur.

Cryopreservation preserves the viability of blood. Cryopreservation can prolong the shelf life of blood. Blood has a low-temperature storage period in the cold storage, which is generally a one-month shelf life. To ensure the life and health of patients.

3. What kind of blood cold chain box should I choose?

A blood refrigerator that meets the medical standards and meets the blood transportation requirements of "WS/T 400-2012", the price is not low, so it is very important to choose a blood refrigerator that meets the standards.

1. The cooling methods of the blood refrigerator include active cooling and passive cooling. Active cooling uses a power compressor to actively cool, and the cooling stability of the blood refrigerator and the defense alarm system should be considered. The passively refrigerated blood refrigerator uses a polymer refrigerant ice box to release cooling capacity for cooling. The air tightness of the blood refrigerator, the refrigeration timeliness and the uniformity of the refrigerant ice box release cooling should be considered. At present, there are many refrigerant products on the market. It has passed SGS certification, but the cooling situation is really uneven, and the repeated high and low temperature is more serious.

2. For the use of materials for the blood refrigerator, priority should be given to non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials with qualification certification. The outer shell of the box should be designed to avoid air as much as possible. The harder the surface of the box, the better and firmer.

The heat preservation time of the blood refrigerator has a relatively large relationship with the content of the blood refrigerator. The larger the capacity, the more refrigerant can be placed, and the refrigeration time will be longer. It varies from person to person. box. The usual plastic products passively refrigerated blood refrigerators can maintain a refrigerated environment of 2-8 ℃ at a normal room temperature of 25 ℃, which is very high for 36 hours. If you need to do passive refrigeration and refrigeration for a longer time, you can consider choosing VIP Cold chain box. The material of the insulation layer of the blood refrigerator determines the cooling time. There are many different prices on the market, some of which are low and high. Usually, the insulation layer of the refrigerator with the same capacity and low price is filled with a foam material with a lower thermal resistance coefficient. , This material is very light and easy to foam, but it can only be used for ordinary refrigeration and cannot be used as a better choice for battery life. The thickness of the insulation layer should be selected as much as possible with a thickness of ≥35mm, which can not only withstand high temperature but also low temperature storage.

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