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  • Medical cold box 10L/12L/18L/35L Supplier & manufacturers | Phefon
    Medical cold box 10L/12L/18L/35L Supplier & manufacturers | Phefon
    Cooler Box, with good insulation material,specially  designed to keep cold chain temperature with ice  packs during transportation. Used for: Vaccines,Insulin,Bio-pharmaceutical, Life  Science and other Medical Products,IVD products and  biological specimens,Selected fresh food, drink and  dairy products cold chain transportation.1.The manufacturer has passed ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001,ISO13485 system certifications.2.The coolant material have got MSDS.3.The coolant material have got RoSH report by SGS.4.The coolant material have certified by CNAS,DGM,suitable for any transportation way.5.The cold box have CE certification.
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